Audio Americas is a Latin America sales agency specializing in commercial audio, video and control products. In this large and diverse region where the distribution landscape varies in each country, we help manufacturers achieve maximum market share by connecting the best products with the best customers.

With offices in Chile, Costa Rica and México, our bilingual staff and support structure facilitate a more efficient supply chain and high levels of customer service. We add value to products through bilingual marketing communications, technical support and training programs.

We also help manufacturers define products, policies and logistics based on the requirements of Latin American customers. We clarify critical issues such as importation requirements, electrical certification and currency controls, so that manufacturers can comply with local laws and norms.

Audio Americas works with over 120 customers in 24 countries. Our customer base includes:

• Wholesale Distributors
• Commercial Technology Integrators
• Independent Specialty Retailers
• U.S. Export Distributors